How to Make Good Money by Selling Clothes

Sell Used Clothes to Thrift shops

Be honest – do you genuinely wear all the clothes that are in your wardrobe? Most of us continue clinging to clothes long after we stopped wearing them. Why don’t you try selling some of the used clothes that you don’t wear and earn some good cash from them?

It’s quite easy selling clothes at a second-hand store or online. To help you get moving, below is a list of some online consignment stores that you can sell your clothes for money.

Online Consignment Shops to Sell Your Clothes

Several years ago people used to hold yard sales for selling products but those days are long gone. Now consignment stores connect you with shoppers worldwide.


Thred up does almost everything for you. The only thing that is required of you is to order one of its signature clean out kits. After sending your clothes threadup will select the types of clothes to keep. Afterwards, it will pay you according to the price tag they set on each clothing. The clothes that weren’t accepted will be donated to charity events, or you can decide to part with 9.9$ and have them back.


When selling used clothes with tradesy, you first must upload pictures of the items on their website. Tradesy will use tools that beautify the photos to make them market ready.

Unlike thredup with tradesy, you are the one to set the price for your clothes. When an item gets sold tradesy takes a commission of 14.9%. The company also sends a prepaid pre-addressed kit for shipping.


If the clothes which you want to sell are mostly designer or high-end labels, then you can use poshmark to sell them. Poshmark gives you the freedom of setting your preferred price for the clothes, but it takes 20% of the selling price. The company helps you with shipping after an item is sold.


Snobswap is exclusively used for selling designer labels like Fendi and Valentino. With Snobswap company you are supposed to upload pictures and specific descriptions. The listing is approved after three days by the company.

Snobswap has other various boutiques in different cities including Miami, LA, New York and Washington.


Now that you are fully aware of where you can sell your clothes for cash, you can make use of these consignment shops to make some extra money for yourself. Don’t let your clothes go to waste.



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