How to Sell Used Clothes to Thrift shops

Sell Used Clothes to Thrift shops

Selling used clothes or second-hand clothes can be a lucrative venture. Most consumers think that all used clothing stores as thrift stores. The second-hand clothing market comprises various types of resale stores with clothes ranging from inexpensive garments to high-end fashion clothes. There are also global chains of stores that deal with used clothing. Learning the requirements of these thrift shops will put you at the forefront of earning money.

Learn the market

 A lot of thrift shops deal with donations. Other resale merchants such as sellers who specialize in selling used clothes, antique dealers and vintage sellers at times pay cash for clothes that are appropriate and can be sold quickly. Most consignments shops don’t pay you until the clothes are sold. Pay a visit to clothing stores and other consignment shops. Pick up the requirements and guidelines for selling to the shop. Make a point of calling a buyer so that you can be advised on what their stores need and also if they will buy the clothes directly or if they will buy on consignment.

Prepare the clothing

Present clothes that are clean and resalable will make you be a step ahead of other sellers. If a particular garment isn’t in excellent condition and you can’t give it out as a present, then the clothing probably is not good enough to resell. Check for test zippers, missing buttons, and carefully examine each garment for rip off and damages. Choose some of the best clothes and take them to shops before you waste time on repairs, you can later access whether its necessary spending time on fixing the small damages.

Sort the clothes

Rather than taking all of the garments to one clothing store, try to distribute the clothes in several shops. For example, you can take your designer clothes to high-end consignment shops, casual clothes to a store that accepts moderate clothing and vintage clothes to a vintage shop. Stores buy clothes according to seasons, so make sure that you sell your clothes in alignment to the season of the store. Identifying the season saves a lot of time for both you and the buyer and increases your chances of selling. You can neatly fold the clothes or hang them on a hanger when presenting them to the buyer.


 Selling clothes to thrift shops or consignment shops can generate income for you. All you need to know is to learn the market, prepare your clothing so that they are presentable to the buyer and finally sort out the clothes to determine the type of thrift shops to sell to.

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